Rayotter Photo Technique, Lighting/Action Conditions

Photos I've taking in the last few years and the different techniques learned, specs are listed

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I went to a horse race with my girlfriend and her father. Wasn't much interested in either so I took a few photos of the racing horses.

300.0 mm - 1/640 - sec F 9 - ISO 320


One of my first trys at photography

24mm - 1/40 sec - F 4.5


My attempt at studio lighting

46mm - 1/8 sec - F 9 - ISO 100


I stopped at a park in Middletown NJ, Deercut, to take a few photos before heading back to Arizona

300mm - 1/500 sec - F 9 - ISO 400


My very first attempt at long exposure. This photo was taken around midnight in Manasquan NJ

18.0 mm - 13.0 sec - F 7.1 -


I was hiking at Papago Park just after a rain shower, when this rainbow appeared over Scottsdale

17mm - 1/200 sec - F 16 - ISO 200


While driving out in the east Valley of Phoenix, I found a stop on the side of the road that allowed me to take this Panoramic photo of the Superstition Mountains

35mm - 3 sec - F 11 - ISO 200


Testing a 500mm lens at the Phoenix Zoo, this is a Golden Eagle

500mm - 1/800 sec - F 9 - ISO 1650


Trying my hand at some studio lighting, I was very pleased at the reflection off of the metal

23mm - 1/100 sec - F 2.8 - ISO 100


One daqy, walking around Tempe Town Lake, I was takan by suprise when the sky melted into this orange red tone, I grabbed my camera and found a puddle to get down and close to the ground

29mm - 1/30 sec - F 8 - ISO 100



Im fascinated with large airplanes. I checked the schedule of this British Airways 747, climbed to the top of a huge hill at Papago Park and was able to get this clean photo

300mm - 1/500 sec - F 16 - ISO 1600